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Printers in Burnley, Lancashire - Panache Press

Welcome to Panache Press. Panache Press are a printing company, based in Burnley, Lancashire. We are a printing company that has stood the test of time when many other printing companies have been lost. We believe our skill, dedication and great value pricing have kept us, as a printing company, trading for over 20 years.

Friendly Printing Company

We have stayed a small printing company to offer a personal service, to both public and other trade printing companies. We have also taken a flexible approach to printing, recently branching out into Digital printing. We also offer letterpress printing, which may seem strange of a printing company in the 21st century, however by offering letterpress printing, we can offer services most other printing companies simply can't! Letterpress printing is now considered the ultimate method of craft printing yet our "modern" machines mean that we can produce quality print at high speed.

Dedicated Printing Company

Panache Press are a focussed printing company. We don't offer services outside of our expertise, instead we concentrate on producing high quality print at affordable prices. Our commitment to versatility means that we are in a position to offer a range of printing services that another printing company will struggle to meet. Whether it be thermographed letterpress printing or custom calendars, digitally printed, we ensure the high quality of our printing through our meticulous attention to detail.

Please visit our Printing Services page to see our full range of printing services.

As a forward thinking printing company, maintaining very traditional printing roots, we love it when you contact us and we can offer help, advice and great value prices!