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Letterpress Printing

What is Letterpress?

Letterpress printing is a traditional printing method where the image is literally pressed onto the paper or board. It has been in use for over 500 years, but can still produce some printing work that no other printing process can. Letterpress uses a large metal "platen", on which a printing plate is mounted, this then closes against the paper after ink has been applied to the raised areas of the printing plate. Letterpress printing can still produce high quality and crisp results above those of other printing methods.

Letterpress Printing Benefits

Letterpress printing has certain benefits over other printing proceses. More modern printing processes tend to be roller based, where the paper is passed between sets of rollers. Letterpress printing allows much thicker board to be used. Letterpress printing also allows the use of thermographic powder to create a raised effect in the print, or it can be used to emboss an image out of the board.

Letterpress Printing at Panache Press

As a printing company with over 30 years experience in letterpress printing, Panache Press are well experienced in producing the finest quality letterpress work. We still use 3 letterpress machines, 2 Thompson platens and 1 Heidelberg platen, the oldest of which dates to 1949, but combined with modern photopolymer printing plates, can produce high quality print work. We also use cutting formes with one of our letterpress machines which allows us to produce badges, certificates and other products to custom shapes.